A Gap Between Two Teeth Might Be Minimized by Braces

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The shape and structure of your child’s mouth gradually expands and develops from birth through their teenage years. The process also includes their primary teeth being replaced by the 32 permanent teeth that will serve them into their adult life.

Sometimes when their oral structure is in transition, two or more permanent teeth can emerge widely spaced. In some of these cases the teeth will gradually come together as the structure of their mouth continues to develop. However, some cases of diastema can lead to further alignment issues and other orthodontic complications.

If your child has gapped teeth, you should set up a consultation appointment with an orthodontist like Dr. DoBin Choi. Once she has assessed the severity of the diastema she can help you understand the most effective treatment strategy.

Treatment might call for installing a complete or abbreviated form of traditional braces to help hold the teeth in place. This might also require periodic adjustments to tighten the braces components and minimize the gap between the teeth.

After their oral structure has stabilized and the braces have addressed any other alignment issues your child will need to use a retainer. This will help to hold the teeth in place while any lingering tension in the periodontal ligaments fades.

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