A Loose Spacer Should Not Be Ignored

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Our orthodontist can often install traditional braces in your mouth to gradually correct the alignment of your teeth. It includes attaching brackets, wires, brands, spacers and other orthodontic components capable of applying tension to the periodontal connective tissues that anchor your teeth in your gums.

You will need to return every four to six weeks to have Dr. DoBin Choi adjust your braces. Each of these appointments will tighten the components to affect the periodontal connective tissues. If some an element is damaged or compromised it could alter the tension and prolong the realignment process.

If you’ve noticed a problem with a braces component, it’s best to call our clinic to determine the appropriate course of action. We can then assess the severity of the damage to your braces and repair the necessary components.

In some cases a spacer might feel loose or fall out shortly before a scheduled adjustment, which is often a sign that your teeth have adapted to their new location. To address a situation like this Dr. DoBin Choi might simply suggest scheduling a sooner adjustment.

If you are in the Blacksburg, Virginia, area and you have been having a problem with some component of your braces, you should call 540-443-9285 to have it examined and addressed at Real Life Ortho.