Align Your Smile with Your Cosmetic Goals Using Invisalign®️

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Did you know that Invisalign® clear aligners are an innovative orthodontic treatment system for patients who don’t want to go through metal brackets and wires to achieve straighter and healthier teeth? You can receive a smile makeover that meets your cosmetic goals by choosing Invisalign today!

Below we offer some exciting information about Invisalign treatment to help you learn more about this cosmetic orthodontic option:

— The Invisalign aligner system differs from traditional orthodontics because it doesn’t use metal brackets and wires. These clear aligners can provide increased comfort during treatment because they are designed to avoid causing abrasions to your sensitive oral tissues when worn.

— You will go through a series of clear aligners that consist of a durable plastic and are designed with special computers to be custom made for your smile. Because these aligners are not attached to your teeth like braces, they can be removed at mealtimes and allow you to eat and drink what you want without causing damage or stains to the aligner trays.

— You will switch to fresh aligners every two weeks to maintain the course of your treatment and continually shift the position of your teeth.

— Invisalign is optimal for both adults and older teenagers who want a virtually invisible option for tooth alignment that is also minimally invasive.

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