Caring for Your Teeth During Braces Treatment

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If you have just had braces recommended or placed, you may like some information about caring for your new or upcoming braces. Dr. DoBin Choi and our team are thrilled to give you some tips for taking care of your braces to make your orthodontic treatment a happy one.

There are certain foods that should be avoided when you are undergoing orthodontic treatment with braces. Chewy foods like caramels and gum can get stuck in your braces. Crunchy or hard foods can also damage your braces. Some vegetables and fruits should be cut into small pieces to make them easier to eat with braces. Our orthodontist in Blacksburg, Virginia, can give you a list of foods to avoid to keep your braces in good condition.

Part of taking good care of your braces is knowing how to brush and floss during treatment. We will give you instructions and help you learn to brush not only your teeth, but your braces. Our team may recommend using a floss threader or other special tools when brushing and flossing. Becoming comfortable with dental hygiene while wearing braces will take some practice, but it should get easier.

We stress the importance of keeping your adjustment and checkup appointments. These appointments also allow you to ask any questions that you have about your braces and their care.

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